Maintaining a lawn can be a joy for some and a headache for others. If you’re unsure of what category you fall under, why not weigh the pros and cons? With the recent spike in COVID-19, people are looking at their homes and lawns in a new light. Because people are restricted by this pandemic, home life has become more important than ever. As you rethink your home life, and specifically lawn care, consider if you would get more out of hiring a professional or by doing the work yourself.

It’s All About Process Versus Outcome

Some people like the process of maintaining their lawn. It gives them a hobby and something to think about as a long-term project. Filling one’s time with enjoyable activities is crucial to staying mentally active and engaged. Plus, you can take pride in knowing that your hard work is directly linked to your home’s beauty and value.

Alternatively, there are people that just want the finished product. In this scenario you already have hobbies and work that occupy your time and you don’t want to take anything else on. You’re already busy and taking care of the lawn is a hassle that you don’t look forward to. You know that you can take care of your own lawn, but you simply don’t get anything out of it. Your return on investment comes from other sources.

So, which sounds more like you? Is dirt under your fingernails an annoyance or is it a testament to your passion?

Make an Informed Decision on How You Spend Your Time

You’ve probably heard before that time is our most precious commodity. Spending your time doing what you love should always be something that you invest in. Lawn care and landscaping might, in fact, be something you look forward to doing most days. However, if you aren’t enjoying the time you spend on your outdoor projects, it isn’t worth it. Another option is paying an expert to do the job faster and better, which leaves you with the time to enjoy your flourishing outdoor space.

Either way you go, the most important thing is that you benefit from your lawn and outdoor space. It is widely recognized that time spent outside is beneficial to your health. Having a beautiful space within your own property lines, especially during COVID-19, is something you will have an immediate benefit from. A team of experts can make that dream manifest much more quickly than you can. Some elements of a comprehensive outdoor living space might be beyond your capacity, or time restrictions, to do properly. These elements include hardscaping, lighting, and outdoor living space design. All of these can make your yard more of an extension of your home than just another thing to maintain.

Additionally, a landscape specialist in the St. Louis area can assist you in important factors that affect your lawn care in different seasons. St. Louis Select Landscaping is the preferred option for many and can evaluate your outdoor space to see how it can be improved. Call us at (314) 568-6550 for our professional opinion or see our previous work here.