Hardscape Pool Patio


Summertime is just around the corner and that means more time in the sun and spending days utilizing your pool. You will also be hosting many barbeques, poolside parties with friends and family, and just simply relaxing. You may or may not already have landscape around your pool, and if you do, then it might be time to upgrade. You may also be thinking of adding something just to spruce it up.

Just like kitchens and bathrooms can become outdated over a period of time, so can the landscaping around your pool. You can update your pool’s look by simply adding or changing plants around the area or go as big as building a new pool house. There are many new materials, creative landscape ideas, and technological advances that give you a lot of options to choose from to create the look you want.

The following are a few ideas that can help make the area around your pool look more sophisticated and relaxing.

Add More Plants

Add planters that are made from the same material used for the pool deck near the edge of the pool. Planters are a good way to connect the pool with the rest of the landscape and they soften the expanse of decking.

You can also dig up sections of existing lawn to expand flower beds. This will balance the mass of the pool itself. Plant long lasting plants that will flourish in the reflected heat of your pool decking.

Planting dramatic, tropical plants will also give the pool landscaping an intriguing and strong aesthetic look. Keep in mind that you will want to plant tropical plants in pots that you can bring inside during cooler climates.

Upgrade Decking

Staining the concrete decking around your pol with a new color or a mottled finish will give it new life. You can also have the concrete stamped to look like stones or bricks.

Another way to transform your decking is to lay concrete overlay on top of the existing concrete around your pool to fix minor cracks or to change the deck’s character. You can choose from finishes with colors or with nonskid surfaces, along with other choices.

Installing a stone border around the decking will add visual interest as well as widen the decking area. Choosing a stone border will work well with any style of landscaping.

Add Special Features

One way to spruce up the area around your pool is to add a stone mound that is made with real stones. You can also use artificial stones that are made of fiberglass and concrete. Incorporating a fountain or stone slab diving platform into the mound will give it more appeal and be useful.

Another way is to install a lit whirlpool spa to one side of the pool using materials that are the same as the rest of your deck. Whirlpool spas allow another way for you to enjoy the landscape both day and night.

If you have children utilizing the pool, installing a waterslide that has either a gentle sloping shape or something steeper could add excitement and appeal.

Include a fire pit, either small or large, to make your poolside more appealing. You can buy a stand-alone model or build one using some of the same materials that are in the rest of your landscape.

There are many ways for you to update the landscape area around your pool besides the ideas listed above. A few other ways include adding a path made of pavers, nighttime lighting, a gazebo, or outdoor kitchen. Knowing exactly what your pool area needs to give it an upgrade may become overwhelming. You don’t want too much, but you also don’t want too little. The experts at St. Louis Select Landscaping can help you figure out just what your landscape needs. Call us today at (314) 568-6550 to discuss the many options we can offer you and to get you prepared for a summer of making memories with your loved ones.