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Shrubbery adds a finishing touch to your property. You can think of shrubbery like you think of your house trim. The trim on a house makes the house look complete and inviting. These plants give the area a finished appearance and make it more inviting.

Strategic Landscape Installation  

The shrubbery on your property can enhance the beauty of the landscape, and can be strategically placed to hide elements that you might find less aesthetically pleasing.  You can plant shrubs so that you do not have to see your heating and cooling unit. When trying to use shrubberies to cover less appealing features of your home or add an element of privacy using evergreen shrubs is a good way to get that year round coverage you are looking for.

Shrubs can be planted alone in strategic areas of the yard, or they can be planted in groupings to outline and define a specific area like your backyard patio, or outdoor kitchen. The shrubs can be tall and thin or they can be shorter and fuller.

Landscape Design features

  • Shrubs can add beauty and color to your landscape. When creating a landscape plan think of these key features to ensure you have the best looking landscape in the neighborhood:
  • Color; landscape plantings offer seasonal color to your property. Consider not only the flower color of your plants, but the foliage color as well.
  • Bloom Time; Choose plants that will have different bloom times throughout the season to insure you always have a plant in bloom.
  • Plant sizes and shapes are important to pay attention to. Layering the heights and sizes of the plants can create a more visually appealing space.
  • Texture and evergreen shrubs; the texture of your plants adds a whole different level of interest and character to the landscape. This type of plant helps balance the landscape in the dormant periods of the year.

Low Maintenance Plants

There are a lot of people that avoid planting shrubbery because they do not know how tall the plants will get or how to properly maintain them. When you start thinking about trimming, pruning, feeding and fertilizing, you almost talk yourself out of something that will bring you joy and beauty.

Shrubs are usually easy to care for and they do not require as much maintenance as annual flower beds, or some other plant species.

Hire a Landscape Company

There are landscaping companies that you can hire to strategically install shrubs that do the best in your local area. Our company provides landscaping, patio construction, outdoor lighting, outdoor kitchens, and can prune, feed, and maintain your shrubberies at the proper times each year.

If you have property in the St. Louis area, and you would like more information about shrubberies or lawn care call (314) 568-6550, or visit the St. Louis Select landscaping website at http://www.stlselectlawn.com/.