As a Homeowners Association you have the responsibility of creating inviting outdoor spaces surrounding the apartment buildings and condo complexes you oversee. You want everyone to see the lawn and garden sections of your property as enticing, inviting, relaxing, and beautiful

In order to make the lawn and gardens look their best you need a company that is experienced, dedicated, and capable of maintaining the space as it is now and adding to the landscape so that the property look its best year round.

To have commercial properties that have the most curb appeal you need to incorporate some of the following ideas.

Outdoor Lighting

One of the main considerations for the landscape of an apartment building, townhome or a condo complex is the perfect outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting can be:

  • Placed along walkways so that people can safely navigate a path.
  • Incorporated into flower bed borders and monument signs so the flowers can be appreciated all of the time.
  • Around the shrubbery, especially any shrubbery that is adjacent to the building to add beauty and reduce areas where hidden dangers could be.
  • At doorways and entrances to make them more inviting, and allow them to be safer.

Outdoor lighting can come in a variety of colors, and styles. Motion sensor lights are often used around the exterior of a building for added safety. Motion sensor lights and low voltage lights can reduce the electrical cost while still providing the proper illumination.

Paved Walk-Ways

You can pour simple concrete walkways from the curb to the entrance of the building. The establishment of a concrete walkway will allow people to enter the building without bringing in as much dirt on their shoes. These paths also reduce the possibility of people falling when walking on uneven ground, or when walking through landscape areas.

When considering materials for walking paths you have several choices. The most common being concrete, but don’t overlook the beauty and longevity of pavers. Concrete is economical, but fairly plain. If you are looking for a more appealing option lets discuss pavers. Pavers come in all different colors, shapes, and textures that will outlast concrete.


To make your commercial property an eye-catching place you must use proper landscaping around both the structures as well as in the common ground and entry ways. Your landscape needs to have a balance of open functional turf spaces as well as shaded areas. A good mixture of rotating blooms ensures you always have flower color throughout the growing season. It is also important to mix size, shape and texture of plant materials. Put all this together and you will have the envy of the community.

You will need to plant shrubs, flowers, trees, and grasses that are hardy enough for your climate, and pleasing in appearance and smell.


Commercial properties require more maintenance on their lawns, pathways, shrubs, and flower gardens than single home properties do. People expect a higher level of landscaping perfection from commercially owned properties.

If you are in the St Louis area you can call St. Louis Select Landscaping and find the professional help you need to design your landscaping elements, and maintain your lawns and gardens. You can reach them at (314) 568-6550 or visit http://www.stlselectlawn.com/contact-StLSelectLandscaping.php.