If you have spent any time looking at homes in Kirkwood, MO, like we have, you may have noticed that a lot of the newer homes these days have outdoor kitchens.  Here are a few reasons as to why this trend is taking over home design.

One of the main reasons why these outdoor kitchens are all the rage is because of how homeowners like you think of their kitchens. Indoor kitchens are thought of as a practical part of the house, and as a result, are designed to be as functional as possible. Outdoor kitchens, on the other hand, are thought of as ways for the owner to get the ultimate outdoor experience, and as a result, are more designed for fun. Basically, people know these outdoor kitchens are very unnecessary, but they provide an experience tailor-made to the homeowner’s dreams and desires.

This ability to customize your outdoor kitchen is another reason why homeowners are including them as part of their home. In your normal kitchen, there isn’t really any room for customization; all you can do is choose which appliances, floors, and walls look the best. On the other hand, outdoor kitchens have far more room for customization, as you can put all kinds of crazy things in your outdoor kitchen. From fireplaces to fountains, all kinds of things can be done to give your outdoor kitchen that personal touch which can give you memories that last a lifetime

Some homeowners want this emotion-stirring space to feel as homely as any room in their house, and because of that, they tend to make their outdoor kitchen resemble a normal kitchen that you would find in any other home. This is done to preserve continuity between their outdoor space and their home, and to do this, they will add walls, canopies, and all kinds of other fun extras to their outdoor kitchen to give it a more homely atmosphere.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Another reason more and more people are creating outdoor kitchens is so they can have a space that can be expanded in the future if need be. You wouldn’t like to be constrained by an existing design from doing the things you want to do for your home, would you? Well, we wouldn’t either, and that is why over 90% of outdoor kitchen owners design their space to be expanded upon in the future, as they prefer the versatility and freedom of being able to build things for their home as they would like.

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