Retaining walls are absolute necessities because they help keep your soil from shifting. Retaining walls allow you to build sections of your property up for planting purposes, or to level the ground.

When most people think of retaining walls they think of plain grey brick structures that look formidable and remind you of an institution rather than a home. The retaining walls you construct do not have to be intimidating structures that look like they belong on the grounds of a prison.

Your retaining walls can be impressive pieces that are built to catch your attention and enhance the look of your property. Forget the old plain Jane retaining walls and let your imagination go wild.


In order to create awe-inspiring walls that will actually serve to beautify your property as well as retain soil and moisture, you need to have a design plan.

These structures do not have to be ordinary. You can build them with curves, build them taller than need be, and add lighting elements, or other decorative elements to them.

You will probably want to talk to an expert and get some ideas of what you have to have in terms of wall height, and the depth of the footings the wall is established on top of. Once you know these facts you can begin to envision your structure and layout a design to create a remarkable addition to your property.


There is a wide range of materials that you can use to create one of these walls. You can choose brick of many different colors, stones of different colors and shapes, and other building materials that will be strong, durable, and attractive.

Some people chose to build these items using stones or rock formations that will be complementary to the exterior of the home. Often people chose to use the same brick patterns or stones that the house siding is created out of.

Often people match the materials they used for home underpinning to the materials they use for their retainers. You can also use a completely different material and create an aesthetically pleasing contrast.

Decorate the Wall

If you are going to have a retaining wall in position then you should consider dressing it up with décor items. Outdoor lighting elements are perfect for use in these situations. The lighting can be placed on top of the wall, around the bottom section of the wall, or positioned to highlight a plant or place of interest along the wall.


You can also choose to strategically place plants along the perimeters of the wall. These plants can be eye-catching showpieces that draw people’s attention away from the expanse of the wall. The plants can be a way to minimize the wall length or height by distracting the eye and making you focus on one special spot.

Final Thoughts

To learn more about retaining walls and what your options in materials and design reach out to the professionals at St. Louis Select Landscaping by calling (314) 568-6550. You can also visit their website at https://stlselectlawn.com/ and view some of the amazing retaining walls they have already helped clients construct.