When you are planning your patio, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is if you want to use pavers or concrete to build it.

It can be very hard to choose between these two options for your patio. Sure, pavers can make your patio look absolutely stunning compared to some boring concrete slab, but the concrete is quite a bit cheaper than the pavers, and is easier to clean and maintain. 

So why would anyone want to pay more for pavers for their patio? Well, there are actually some very good reasons why you should use pavers for your patio. They may seem unnecessary, but given the pros mentioned below, who would not want to go the extra mile to make their patio look just a little bit better?

Pavers are not only far more customizable and more beautiful than concrete, but are actually far cheaper to maintain over time. Concrete slabs are highly prone to splitting and cracking, as changes in temperature can cause it to shift about and eventually crack.

Concrete is also far more costly to repair than pavers; if the concrete is damaged, your whole patio has to be replaced, a time consuming and very expensive process which can cause a lot of headaches. Pavers, on the other hand, only require one specific pavers to be replaced in the event of damage, without any other pavers being replaced around it, slashing repair costs massively. Pavers are also four times as strong as concrete, making the chances of a crack a lot smaller and increasing longevity for the pavers over concrete.

Also, while weeds can grow between pavers, most patios built with pavers never have this issue, as polymer sand is poured between the pavers to prevent weeds from growing. After this sand is poured, it never needs to be replaced, unlike concrete sealants which need to be reapplied regularly to stay up to snuff.

Pavers are also safer than concrete since they are a lot less slippery when wet than concrete since they are individually placed. Pavers can also be equipped with raised edges to improve grip when they are wet. However, if you decide to use concrete pavers, they can still have this issue.

Pavers also give you more freedom with color choices for your patio. Sure, color can be added to poured concrete, but concrete in general is prone to staining over time, which ruins the original color of the concrete. This usually means getting your whole patio replaced every two to three years. Getting a patio replaced is a headache in itself, but having to do it every two years is an absolute nightmare. Pavers meanwhile are available in thousands of different colors which can last for decades, helping to give your patio a timeless look that all your friends and family will love. They are also available in many different shapes and sizes, allowing you to make all kinds of unique designs in your patio.

Because pavers are so good at making a home more beautiful, they actually can drive up your home’s resale value. Why? Because concrete is more expensive to replace and because these repairs happen quite a bit more often compared to pavers.

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