Your property is your own unique place. You get to build on it the things that reflect your personality and lifestyle. You get to plant vegetation on it that you find beautiful and alluring.

Each piece of property has a perimeter that establishes where the property lines are located. A large number of landowners establish fences using wood, concrete, or wire to define where their property lines are.

You have undoubtedly heard the statement that good fences make good neighbors. That is true because the defined property lines created by a fence stop neighbors from possibly encroaching into your space with their planting or building.

Fences can be cold and impersonal. They can give people the impression that you do not want any company and that you are unapproachable. To remove the cold impartial look of a fence you can use plants to define your property perimeters, add color and interest, and soften the look.

Trees and Tall Plants

Trees are a great item to plant along the boundary lines of your little piece of earth. They grow tall, they are sturdy, and they help to create natural shade and living habitats for many species of wildlife.

You can plant a line of trees to create a boundary line, or you can place a tree at each of the cornerstones of your property. This placement helps you define the exact corners where your land joins the land of other people.

Tall plants are also a great boundary creator. You can consider planting tall plants to help obscure the cold look of a fence or to help create a boundary line and add some privacy to the property. Plants that grow to heights of 6 feet or greater will give you a division.

Shrubs and Flowering Bushes

You might not think of shrubs and flowering bushes as being a means of defining your boundaries. Azaleas are one of the bushes that can be shaped and allowed to grow to be dense and tall. During the spring these beauties will create a flowering border between you and your neighbors. They can hide a fence or they can simply6 create their own boundary line.

Flowering bushes can create a privacy fence so your family and your belongings are not on display for everyone to see. They also add splashes of color to your yard and to the neighboring yards around you. They beautify the area while they make the definition of where your property starts.

Flowering plants and shrubs also provide an excellent food source and refuge for many wildlife species. They attract the bees and butterflies that you need to pollinate the other vegetation species around your home. They are winning boundary makers that will bring smiles and joy to everyone that sees them.

Be a good neighbor and consider making property boundaries pretty to look at. You will reap the benefits of this with friendlier neighbors, all the privacy you need, and a more beautiful world to live in.

Final Thoughts

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