Most of the time when we create outdoor spaces in our yards we build pools and game areas where our families can have fun in the sun. Sometimes we build outdoor kitchens, or living spaces where we can gather with friends and share a meal, or spend an afternoon talking and laughing.

We rarely consider using an outdoor space as an evening get-away or an evening oasis designed for relaxation and romance. By the time the sun goes down we usually head indoors away from the chill of the evening air.

You can chase away the chill with a fireplace or fire-pit. You can create a space that has warmth, mesmerizing flames dancing in the night, subdued lighting, and privacy.

Evening Oasis Elements

In order for you to create an evening oasis in your backyard you are going to need a few things.

Paved area

You need to create an even area that is covered with beautiful pavers. The beautiful part of these pavers is to make the area more alluring, but the pavers are designed to give you a level area for your furnishings. The level area will also be safer to walk on.

You may even want to consider using matching pavers to create a walkway from your evening oasis area to your door.

Comfortable Furniture

You need to have comfortable patio furniture to sit on. You want to try and use loveseats, small sofas, or furniture that invites the two of you to share a space. An evening oasis is the perfect place to rekindle romance and stay closer to your significant other.

Do not get carried away filling this space with furniture. If you ever decide to entertain friends here you can move some chairs from another area. This space should be small and intimate.

Fireplace or Fire-pit

Both the fireplace and the fire-pit can bring you the light from the fire and the warmth to chase the chill of the evening away. A fireplace is larger and you can throw a rug in front of the fireplace and enjoy lying on that rug and basking in the warmth of the fire.

The fire-pit is smaller and usually table height. You can enjoy sitting on the loveseat and watching the flames dance in the fire pit; you can also use the fire-pit to roast marshmallows, or grill a couple of kabobs.


You will have the light produced by the fireplace or the fire-pit, but some low lighting can help to set the mood. You might want to consider placing a small lighting fixture at each corner of the space to keep the shadows at bay, and add a soft glow for you to enjoy.


Planting the right shrubs around the perimeter of your oasis add to the ambience. You do not want too many shrubs, but you want enough plants to help you obtain the privacy you are looking for.

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