With everyone spending more time at home this spring, make your property something you can enjoy and be proud of. You are at home but you can create a haven of calm relaxation just a few feet from your door.

You do not have to sacrifice relaxation and fun while you are staying close to home. You can create a space that is fun.

Create an Oasis

To begin your transformation from an ordinary backyard to a place that you can escape the cares and worries of the world you need to start with an outdoor kitchen.

Your outdoor kitchen can be as big and elaborate as you want it to be. Cooking outside does not have to be simple grilling it can be elaborate meals and a fine dining experience.

The main section of your outdoor kitchen needs to be the foundation. You can create a foundation from pavers or concrete. You can even use a combination of both pavers and concrete to create a unique design that is eye-catching and practical.

The foundation for your kitchen creates a level surface for your cooking apparatus and it allows you to move around the kitchen area smoothly. While you are establishing this foundation you should go ahead and make the area large enough to hold your patio furniture.

Your kitchen can contain a simple smoker or grill or it can be furnished with stainless steel appliances, a stove, a fridge, a sink and more. There are no limitations on the things you can have. This is a dream space where you go to relax and enjoy yourself so give yourself everything you want.


Around the perimeter of the outdoor oasis you are creating you will want to plant vegetation that is inviting, cooling, and pretty to look at. You are creating a space that you want to be in. A space that offers you a view that you find appealing and lets you forget about the real world for a little bit.

Your vegetation can be contained in planters, beautiful flower beds, and attractive arrangements.


The furniture you choose should be comfortable, attractive and inviting. You want to establish a place that is so comfortable you and your guests could stay for hours at a time. Sofa sets are popular if you want your space to have the comforts of a living room. Tall tables and chairs that are barstool height can make the arrangement seem more like a getaway spot.

The furniture that you choose will depend on the style of entertaining that you plan to do.


You may not realize this but the lighting you install around your outdoor space will add to the enchantment of the area. The lighting should be soft so you can sit for hours without glaring lights, but there should be enough lighting in the kitchen area that you can prepare meals easily.

There are simply too many suggestions for how to make your backyard the inviting oasis that you want. If you would like more ideas, or would like to explore some of the ideas mentioned you can call St. Louis Select at (314) 568-6550 and talk to an expert in the creation of beautiful outdoor spaces. You can also visit their website at https://stlselectlawn.com/landscape-vegetation-planning and see more ideas.